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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a tourist spot is taken over by hundreds. what they are fighting for. a big drop in temperature this weekend. it warm back up for your sunday? >> this new investigation is looking into a new investigation. a much cooler weekend after extreme heat during the work week. th for a first look at the forecast. >> not one, but two places on this map were 22 degrees cooler today. than they were yesterday. is quite a dramatic change from one day to the next. you can see those two places are santa rosa and napa. you can pick out a pattern
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here. it was the northbay that more than any other place across the bay area felt the most dramatic change, but not to downplay the drop in san jose, we felt the improvement today. it was only two degrees cooler in oakland today. if you're wondering what this means for sunday, we are done with the dramatic changes. sunday will be very much like today, the numbers may go down or up if you degrees. we did the big drop for the first half of the weekend. sunday we can continue enjoying where we have landed. the real issue in the forecast is the next warm-up, there's one coming for the middle of this week and one more impressive than the midweek warm-up. we'll talk about those in a seven day coming up.sters came out to support the people of kashmir against human rights violations. we explain, today's demonstrations here in the bay
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area were part of a worldwide movement. from london -- to new york, to san francisco. >> if we truly care for human rights, then we are concerned for our houses more often. >> we protest article 370 which sounds obscure, but this is a territory long disputed over india and pakistan. the protest was less about independence then worry for loved ones. >> it's been 15 days, and we have no contact with family.>> i'm driving myself crazy if medication, what is happening to the kids, it's like a rerun
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of what happened in the 1990s.>> 35,000 troops flooded the territory cutting off internet access and banning public exposure. >> the main decision for this without the consent, human right violations are becoming more frequent. >> they have a large kashmir plan to. they like to see the cashiers themselves. >> is the freedom to choose their future. people have faced the pressure for too long, it's time for freedom. >> protests in portland are winding down after more than a dozen people were arrested and six people were injured. and a fascist schrader spent hours counter protesting a rally by a far right group. police seized several weapons including wooden poles, shields,
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bear spray, a stun gun.>> police did a great job of de- escalating the situation keeping the extremists on both sides separated for the most part. >> we spent several weeks preparing for today's events. we are grateful for everyone that stayed focused on the mission. >> nearly 1000 officers were present at the protest today. they made at least 13 arrests. investigation today. >> we are definitely taking it seriously, because we know we
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need to do better with housing production in our city. >> a spokesman said the agency is not commenting on the investigations it has requested copies of city laws, permit applications and any housing related studies from the last 10 years. the search is on for a postal imposter pleasant hill. multiple surveillance videos show that man dressed up in what appears to be u.s. postal service uniform. authorities and residents t delivering, rather stealing mail and packages from homes.>> i could see that there is some slur in his speech, he never made eye contact with me. he always kept his head down. that ruffling through the bag thing was the first confusion d. >> investigators are canvassing the neighborhood to see if there are other victims. the
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postal service reminds the public that stealing packages and impersonating a mailman or both are federal crimes. new video to show you the moments a water main erupted in vallejo, it happened just before 3 pm -- 3 am. customers in that area were without water until 9 pm. in the meantime a second water main erupted on fresno street near nebraska. public works says water has been shut off for customers in that area. no word of how long it will take to fix the second break. transit agencies are replacing almost a mile of track near the lafayette station. the only way to do that is to set up a 265 ton crane on highway 24. and doing that backed up traffic for almost 3 miles today.>> if you're going an
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extra 45 minutes unlike what are they talking about?>> bart is transporting writers on bus with all lanes on highway 24. they will reopen for the monday commute. >> a live look at the bridge which is getting and $85 million makeover next year, the project got a funding boost this week to the tune of $20 million. where did the money come from? state gas tax dollars. caltrans plans to repaint the lower deck and tower. funds will cover the $65 million. major repairs in the upper deck of the bridge wrapped up this week's six months after it began crumbling. they will repair on the self trust which will mean lane code closures in both directions. a school district is getting a $500,000 shot of money to help curb teen vaping.
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they are all getting the cash, they plan to install vaping detectors. they have also hired a resource officer to help enforce the no vaping rules. they will expand their education regarding the harm of tobacco, and vaping products. hundreds of strangers turn to attend today's funeral or el paso shooting victims. anthony said he had no other family in the area, and welcomed the public to join him and saying goodbye to his wife for 22 years. after the invite went viral on facebook strangers and loved ones came from all across the country. they met 22 years ago at a bar shortly after he quit writing rodeo in omaha nebraska. new camera shows a man
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threatening to carry out a mass shooting. 25-year-old christian scott sent test messages with plans to shoot as many people as he could in a large crowd. other text mentioned schools as targets. in a location picked out, now he's being held in jail without bond. today's rally was one of dozens of recess rallies that were held across the country. in los angeles students are demanding action from lawmakers when it comes to gun control. >> i think a lot of people feel really hopeless, this is a way of doing something. >> the need to prevent gun violence. >> at the same time just 45 miles away, a well attended gun show. the nra offered free admission
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in exchange for joining. i don't think congress needs to amend gun laws. thousands of people are flocking to monterey to see their dream cars. we take you behind the wheel of a $3 million ride. >> and the tiny homes that they hope will make a big impact on the lives of the homeless. a woman is rushed to the hospital and delivers three healthy babies, but she didn't know she was pregnant. what s
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monterey car week kicks into high gear. showing off some of the rarest, fastest and most exotic cars. >> this is the time of year when car lovers and automakers transform monterey into a huge celebration. many of the world's most luxurious brand debut their hottest brands during car week. i got the chance to get behind the wheel. that is the distinctive roar of a bugatti skyview. it's the world first production sports car with 1500 horsepower
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. that's enough to take it from zero to 62 miles per hour into point for sex in seconds. as the top speed of 261 miles per hour. price tag, just over $3 million. making it one of the world's most expensive hyper cars. >> i got to take it for a careful spin on the streets of carmel. it didn't take long to feel the obscene level of performance. i switch spots with bugatti's driver butch so he could really show me it's power, and superiority. taking advantage of every empty stretch that presented itself. in total, more than 300 were sold around the world. this year for ari's biggest debut is the sf 90 street alec. made to celebrate ferrari racing's 90th birthday. it's it's not sacrificing speed. >> is a very unique angle.
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everything we do in a car is related to the performance of the car. >> this is the first formal drive sports car. >> this car can be in full automatic mode you can taxi out of your garage without waking your family up, and you can enjoy the pleasure of driving the ferrari with the unique sound. >> >> the celebrities first car to be certified with the block chain technology. they will certify information related to the model.
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in the years since its debut, rolls-royce's first suv is also expected to attract more customers. >> it's obviously the provenance that comes with the quality. it makes a statement. >> monterey car weekends tomorrow with the famed concorde dilettantes. it's an annual competition of classic cars and sure to attract thousands of fans to pebble beach. >> some people in stockton got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity today. the chance to repel for a cause. those during to plunge down the story building that it for community hospice. today's event brought out people of all ages including cancer survivor jenny who has
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scaled the landmark now three times. >> a family in wisconsin had a surprise guest for dinner. >> they were found in a pick and save. how good the frog survive inside the greens if it were in a sealed container? they brought the lettuce back to the store and got a refund. >> a south dakota family al for rns actuallye y stones,
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doctors told her to expect twins. >> his reactions there. put it back. >> she said that there's three babies in here. the triplets should be home any day now. they couldn't have done this without the family friends and complete strangers who have come together to donate baby supplies. the city of san jose is going to solve a big problem. they joined members of the community hoping to build the eight by 10 shelters. the community has been meant to be transitional housing. and hopefully a way of homelessness. the goal is to know the first tiny home community up and running on november 1 before the start of winter.>> we are here to give we can be much
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take the rest of the weekend off for any concerns about the weather, it will be just as nice tomorrow as it was today. the interesting thing is, the warm-up coming back. and possibly into early next week. will put numbers up here. 61 in san francisco. tomorrow morning for your sunday, you will see a widespread of low clouds. this fits in line with what we were talking about at the top of this newscast. we cool down 22 degrees in some places. here's the low grade clouds. could wake up to low clouds. most of us will wake up to the low grade clouds.
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we will top out at 75 in fremont. that is sunday. if you look ahead at the long- range forecast this is the 6-10 day forecast. is a probability map. the deeper the shade of red, the higher degree of confidence the temperatures will be above average. this gets us past the seven day forecast like going into early next week. that it even cover the first warm-up. the mid-90s would show up by the time you get to wednesday and thursday. that is warmer for sure, but it's not like last wednesday and thursday. those days were in the low hundreds. wednesday, thursday coming our way won't be quite as hot, but noticeably warm.
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tell me that someone is getting into the playoffs. >> to for saturday night is back. not just one sport, but tonight you get to. both bay area big-league teams have less than 40 games left, both threatening a postseason tournament. i want winners. and we got them for let's get down to business.
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brandon has the bases-loaded. this is a grand slam. they allowed one run with five innings. how about a five for five night for the center fielder. giants 111-6. they are taking the first three games of the series. the wild car race. the astros were in the house again picking up third inning, that's when houston's alan struck right to the rookie side. knocked the run to open the scoring. they tied it up by the bottom and got more. a's lead 3-2, and they kept the
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line moving. they scored two more, the a's have the first seven hitters of the inning. to the fifth, mark again. he scored another. oakland, how about it? they take the first three games of the series. what does this mean? i would tell you, the a's are 6 1/2 games back. they remain half-game behind tampa for the second wild-card spot. we've only reached midway. segment two is coming ahead. soccer and san jose earthquakes. did you feel it? you might see the start of this pres
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they play a game on monday, and they were talking salty language today.
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>> every time i swear it makes a show. >> i'm not going to be a part of it. >> i have a lot of passion for this. >> chris at baby blue sporting kansas city. they shot off the post with a 76 minute. they want to-1. san jose has lost two straight matches. this is dentist o'donnell. the 95 with not enough to outlas
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with2 laps left.
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